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About Us

If you are looking for a master photographer with impeccable credentials and results, look no further.


Errol Higgins is a master photographer. His love for creative photography is unsurpassed. With over thirty years of experience in all facets of photography, he has done it all. Let Errol work for you.


You need to see Errol's portfolio of spectacular images and accomplishments to be able to appreciate his mastery. The references that he can present to you will take your breath away.


No matter what the media, viewers can not take their eyes off his images. They stir the imagination to the outer limits.


If you are in need some creative photography, a new look or concept for a promotion or marketing campaign, his ideas are limitless. His dedication to work and love of the art are unique traits in deed. From advertising to works of art, Errol knows no bounds.


One of the best product photographers in the country that you could hope to work with. The amount of attention to detail that you see in his image's is magnificent.


Learn about the advantages of outsourcing with Errol Higgins:


* Meet your budget without sacrificing quality or time and discover the true meaning of Return On Investment.

* Versatile high resolution image's using the ultimate and unmatched 39 megapixel digital camera.

* Over 30 years of International experience.

* A Commercial Digital Photographic Studio with state of the art cutting edge technology in every phase of production

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